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Women's health
Anxiety & Stress

 9/10/2013 Sharon, F San Jose

Dr Helen He is amazing! I had experienced acupuncture in Chicago and had great results for an issue I was having.  During my move to California, I did something that caused great pain and loss of mobility in my left arm, wrist, and hand.  After multiple visits to a chiropractor and massage therapist, I was still in pain and the mobility was getting worse.  Then I noticed a Living Social Deal offered by Dr He.  I decided to give it a try. After only three 30 minute sessions, I am feeling about 80% better!  The pain is mostly gone and the mobility increases in my hand and wrist, leaps and bounds after each treatment. 

Dr He is also very sweet and remembers everything we talked about the prior time, even for a "deal" person who might not come back. I am having my 4th session today, as I have decided to continue after my Living Social Deal. I highly recommend her and this office!

9/25/2013     Grace, H Campbell, CA

I am writing this review for my dad. He called me this afternoon to let me know about his experience at Dr Helen He's office.  My dad is 79 years old. He has had 15 years of lumbar injections at an out patient surgery center. He would go every 8 to 12 months. Thank god he had insurance because these procedures run about 15,000 per shot. During the last 5 years my dad has tried Chiropractic adjustments. But its been the same out come as the shots. A little pain relief for a couple of days and the hes back to hurting again. This has effected his ability to walk distances and he gets terrible leg cramps. The nerves were basically shot along with the disks. SO this brings me to today. He called me to tell me he was pain free with this first visit. He said that this hour and a half that he sent in her office was amazing. For the first time in years he feels totally different. He said he cant wait to wake up tomorrow because he feels so good now.. We will update this review with his results as he continues to see Dr. Helen. SO Far Fantastic. Thank you Dr Helen. My dad feels like a new man. I will be sending my husband to you too. I would highly recommend your services all of my family and friends

 11/1/2013 Lacy, K San Jose

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a lot of my adult life. So after loosing my grandpa and dad this year (within 6 months of each other) my anxiety and sadness levels were quite high. I came to dr he for help because I wanted to use alternative methods rather than prescriptions. I have seen her three times and its made a world of difference. My fourth appointment is today and I can't wait. I plan to continue seeing her to maintain over all wellness.

 10/9/2013     Angela, S San Jose

Dr. Helen is gentle, soothing and very patient, her treatment is very effective. I have shoulder and neck problem for a long time. I have seen many chiropractors and acupuncturist. However, Dr. Helen's treatment is amazing. My shoulder problem improves right away. The pain decreased  and my shoulder and neck regain mobility.
I will highly recommend Dr. Helen to anyone who has shoulder and neck pain.

2/10/2011Deanne C.       Berkeley, CA

Dr. He is my favorite acupuncturist, and I've tried out quite a few throughout my life. She is gentle and soothing, and her treatment is always effective. I often find myself quickly falling asleep after she's deftly (and quickly) put a lot of needles into me. It's really nice to step into her treatment center and de-stress! 

I've had Dr. He treat me on long-term asthma and random things like acne, a sore shoulder, allergies, etc. She has helped my health a lot in the past two years. I would definitely say Dr. He's specialty is in internal problems (such as asthma, menstrual pains, diseases, etc and skin diseases which count as internal because according to Chinese medicine its rooted in an internal imbalance). She's very experienced so I trust her a lot. 

Dr. He frequently prescribes herbal medicine. This can be boiled like the traditional way or in a more new-fangled pill fashion. The medicine is very helpful too.

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