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Fertility / Women's Health


  • Personalized formula

  • Irregular period

  • Cramping

  • Menopause symptoms: night sweat, hot flash, insomnia, irritability

  • Pregnancy: morning sickness

  • Post-natal care


A woman’s fertility and reproductive health will increase as her overall wellbeing improves. Even if alternative reproductive methods such as in vitro fertilization are being used, Chinese medicine has been proven to increase effectiveness and improve odds of a healthy conception. In a recent study conducted in Germany of in vitro fertilization, 26% of the control group became pregnant; however, 42% that ALSO received acupuncture treatment became pregnant. Also, 60% of the group that received acupuncture in conjunction with dietary medicine became pregnant through in vitro fertilization. It has also been found that women who receive acupuncture with IVF are less likely to have the symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and stress after the oocyte aspiration when compared to women who receive analgesia.

Furthermore acupuncture has been found to increase blood flow to the uterus, and normalize hormonal and endocrine functions that assist in conception. Finding a balance among these functions will greatly increase the chance of pregnancy, as the reverse will lead to stress and hormonal imbalance.

Dr. He provides care throughout your pregnancy whether it’s for fertility, during pregnancy, to reduce the duration of labor and more! Acupuncture has great results for reducing morning sickness and other symptoms during pregnancy. It can prevent a late labor and can help with a breech. She also provides post-partum care to balance the body as a whole.

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