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Depression / Anxiety / Stress

Stress is a natural aspect of the human experience. Traditional Chinese medicine’s holistic approach to stress relief is a drug free, effective, and lasting form of natural health care. All models of medicine acknowledge and seek to treat stress in some way; however, traditional Chinese medicine’s (TCM) focus on a holistic approach seeks to treat stress from its root and equips the patient with the tools to manage stress in an effective way.

Central to the TCM model of stress is the ideal flow of Qi. Blockages and strained flow of Qi is what causes stress to build and can make problems become worse. Thus, freeing those blockages through effective acupuncture and managing the stress with supplemental treatments will build towards overall health. A holistic stress relief approach involves utilizing meditative exercise such as Yoga, Qi Gong, or Tai Chi in conjunction with a balanced diet, massage, and other drug free practices to build a synergistic and sustainable wellbeing.

Stress is an unavoidable aspect of mental health that will have profound effects on your overall wellbeing if not manage correctly. What Dr. Helen seeks to do is to free the blockages of Qi to help with stress relief. Take a positive step towards improving your quality of life today.

Anxiety and depression is the fourth greatest global health problem according to the World Health Organization. Preliminary studies have shown that Chinese Medicine is just as effective as pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for the treatment of depression. In addition to receiving acupuncture, you will be likely asked to make changes in your lifestyle and diet and will be given herbs to take on a regular basis. Do not stop or decrease any medication unless advised to by your physician.

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