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Being a mother, I understand the importance of having a healthy family! -and being a doctor, I am dedicated to helping you achieve this goal for yourself! Why wait? Contact me now! 

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A woman’s fertility and reproductive health will increase as her overall wellbeing improves. Even if alternative reproductive methods such as in vitro fertilization are being used, Chinese medicine has been proven to increase effectiveness and improve odds of a healthy conception.


In a recent study conducted in Germany of in vitro fertilization, 26% of the control group became pregnant; however, 42% that ALSO received acupuncture treatment became pregnant. Also, 60% of the group that received acupuncture in conjunction with dietary medicine became pregnant through in vitro fertilization.


It has also been found that women who receive acupuncture with IVF are less likely to have the symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and stress after the oocyte aspiration when compared to women who receive analgesia. 


Link to the study here: Acupuncture 'boosts IVF

What our Fertility Patients are saying: 

"As a student of Dr. Helen He, I had this wonderful opportunity to follow her around for several months in our school clinic, experiencing the amazing expertise that Dr. He has in traditional Chinese Medicine. Being a third generation of a TCM doctor family and a graduate of Beijing TCM University, she gained her clinical and theoretic medical foundation in a way that not all of us could have, which gave her a quite unique perspective of different clinical problems. Besides the general pain management protocol, I would like specifically to point out that Dr. He also has this great treatment effect for depression, anxiety problem which is quite common in Northern California due to our high pressure in work and family issue. I witnessed it in our school clinic and I hope more people can benefit from Dr. He."




Optimizing Your Body's Fertility


There is mounting evidence that environmental factors have a significant impact on our health and our reproductive health in particular.


How closely you adhere to the

recommendations could make the difference between achieving a successful pregnancy or going through years of frustration and unfulfilled dreams.


This is your most significant contribution to our shared goal of achieving a successful outcome.

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2010 - present

2010 - present

"Dr. He's combined knowledge and experience in the areas of acupuncture has effectively treat my condition. I was never one to think I would give acupuncture a try. I appreciate that Dr. He walks you through each treatment session creating for a relaxing experience. She is genuine in you receiving care and achieving the desired results. Not only have I referred her to family and friends but felt others such as yelpers should know too. Some of the conditions that she has treated my family and friends for are anxiety, fertility, PMDD and insomnia. I recommend you consult with her and experience her treatments for yourself.When I started to feel better in August we decided on treatments that would prepare my body for starting a family. Come early September I find out I'm pregnant!  :)I had thought that acupuncture would not be safe during pregnancy. Little did I know but seeing an acupuncture during your pregnancy can be very helpful with pregnancy discomfort. I also got my OB/GYN's stamp of encouragement for acupuncture treatments.  Also, about two months into my pregnancy, Dr. He told me she would be able to guess the gender of the baby just by my pulse. I had my fetal anatomy ultrasound today, and found it really interesting that her guess on the gender was confirmed.If you are thinking of trying acupuncture for your well being, I recommend you see Dr. He! Acupuncture treatments are different for each person. Dr. He will walk you through your treatment sessions and is patient with answering any questions you may have. She will also help you with understanding the causes of your specific conditions. Yelpers please give acupuncture a try. And when you do be sure to do so with Dr. He!" 



"As a student of Dr. He, I get to see first-hand what relief her knowledge and expertise in acupuncture and herbs can provide. Recently, though, I had a UTI and I couldn't make it to the doctor's for antibiotics. Truth be told, even as a Chinese Medicine student, I was a little iffy that acupuncture and herbs alone could get rid of the infection. But after one treatment, my symptoms started to subside, and now 5 days later, I'm symptom free! It's a great reaffirmation that this ancient medicine works for modern people.As I mentioned before, I've been following her in the clinic for the past 4 years, doing my best to absorb her knowledge. She's given me dozens of treatments for various complaints: knee pain, colds and flus, and regulating my period. Although I haven't taken her fertility protocol formally, I credit her with helping me conceive my first daughter! Without Dr. He, I am sure that I wouldn't be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She helped get me on a regular cycle and stay there. Thank you Dr. He."


"Thanks to Dr. He's treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine, I was able to get pregnant within a couple of months of my fertility clinic sessions. Whoever is out there with fertility issues, I'd recommend you try out her fertility clinic program. It is very effective!


This s an update to my June 3, 2013 review. At the time of my last review Dr. He had been treating me for PMDD. The treatments were really helpful and I was glad for the alternative/natural method of acupuncture as opposed to depending on medication."

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Helen He. I was referred to Dr. He by a good friend when I had a horrible neck pain subsequent to a car accident four years ago. She helped relieving my pain! Since then I have been seeing her for all my other health issues such as headache, back pain, pregnancy discomfort, postpartum recovery, etc. In the past before I know Dr. He, I had gone to acupuncturist who made my hand swollen after the needle. But with Dr. He, I never had this problem nor felt any pain with her needles. Besides, Dr. He is kind, compassionate, down-to-earth, friendly, and very knowledgeable. She is like my family doctor as I always go to her for medical advice. I strongly recommended Dr. He! I have recommended a number of friends to her."

Dr Helen He 

Dr. Helen He is a third generation Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor. Her first experiences came early during childhood, from observing her grandmother and father in China. She later attended and completed her advanced studieds at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.


After graduation, Dr. Helen He began practicing TCM with her father in Beijing.  However she eventually decided to move to California, to further her education, and has obtained her Masters, and Doctorate from Five Branches University.


And in 2008 Dr Helen He first opened her practice in Campbell, CA where she continues to treat a wide variety of cases and illness, including: infertility, strokes, diabetes, chemotherapy side-effects, Parkinson’s, and various skin disorders, allergies, and arthritic conditions. Dr. Helen also maintains an active role as Clinical Instructor at Five Branches University in San Jose, CA. 

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